If you would like to be a vendor, please click to fill out the attached application or email  amy@avondalemayhamfest.com. Thank you! 
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2017 Vendors

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Bones Art
McShawns Gem Works
Pepper Kitty Rules

"We're a husband and wife team that hand cut and mine some of our own stones. Making an unique line of traditional and non traditional jewelry, with something for every one."

Andrew Bones is one talented guy. If horror is your thing, he has got you covered with his hand-sculpted art. His sculptures have been used as props in movies. Bones loves sculpting, and you can tell in all of his pieces.
Monsters! Horror! Rock-n-Roll
Pepper Kitty Rules! has ya covered!
Shirts - Buttons - Patches - Art - Books
ask about our CUSTOM printing as well!
Official Band Merch Table for BIGFOOT !
stop by and say "MEOW" to the Pepper Kitty Girls! Jane and Mickie

Sweet Chiba Baby
Tigerbeat Pinstriping
Fishbone Art

Get high, stay fly
Soar above the clouds with this stunning cannibis inspired jewelry and art. Visit Ash for some bold super fly accessories! Or talk to her about making a custom piece that expresses your own dope passion.
Pinstriped panels, ornaments, and framed vinyl.  He'll have his paints and brushes handy, so if you're lucky, maybe youll catch him in the act!!  He can also take custom orders.
Larry Holland's art has been seen all around Decatur. With the Decatur Box Project and Secret Doors Decatur as current initiatives. His current passion is mixed media and photography. 

Aethelynd's Attic
Robots and Westerns
Couture Recycle

Aethelynd's Attic brings the fantastical to life. Inspired by nature, dragons, and faeries, Valerye's treasure boxes, garden art, and fairy doors are truly magical.
On the hunt for all things vintage? Well, Robots and Westerns will be just for you! Vintage movie posters, vintage toys, vintage everything!!
Making recycling fashionable!
Express yourself with tees that are inspired by a passion for recycling. Anything from love (pet adoption) to life (organ donation) to laughter!

Jezebel Blue
2the9's Retro

Twin Ravens
Earthy, historically inspired jewelry. Many of the pieces are created with electroforming (look it up, science is neat!). Patina helps give other pieces an old, comfortable feel.  Stunning!
 40s thru the 60s were a time of class and style. 2the9's Retro and Jezebel Blue are bringing back that stunning era one vintage piece at a time. These two have all your Kustom Kulture needs. 
​​Take a break at Sabbatical. They bring you the best in vintage lapel pins, patches, vinyl records, glass ornaments, tapestries. 

Fresh Baked
Beverly Jean

Abominable Dolls
Cute! Creepy! Crocheted! 
These adorable abominable dolls are very hard to resist. Everyone needs a great pocket friend. 

Let your inner nerd shine through with  thesefabulous magnets and ornaments!
Stop by the AMHF booth to pick up a mouth-watering treat from Beverly Jean Bakeshop. Chef Karie Brown has a sweet, sweet way about pastries. 
Sustainable - Local - Made with Love!

Damned Fine
Meg Has Issues
We have lured the elusive Meg out​ of hiding. Come by to see her paintings, illustrations, and amusing housewares. We are very excited to have a comic book artist vending on
Comic Book Day!

Alex and Patty are going to be at AMHF to give you a glimpse of how much fun your pup can have at dog day care. Playing, socializing, and learning good habits are just the beginning of your dogs fun experience at HoundPlayground!

Damned Fine Photography, official photography of AMHF, will have prints available from past events and behind the scene shots from  Frankenstein Created Bikers available at the AMHF booth! Keep the memories alive!

Silver Scream
FX Lab
Little Miss Broke
Noosh Studios
Silver Scream FX Lab is an award winning studio that provides special effects,spfx makeup,creature suits,and,all kinds of monstrously fun stuff for film,tv and theatre productions! Come by their booth and meet Shane Morton and his team of artists for custom face painting (not all of it has to be spooky!). Buy some original art, paintings, masks, prosthetics, sculptures,makeup and fx supplies,monster movie collectibles and much more!

Little Miss Broke has the coolest in chic boho style housewares. You will be sure to want to pick up some of her fun throwback pillows and vintage art. Southern born, southern bred, and huge sports fan, Elisabeth Joy is commited to bringing you the most fabulous wares at "broke girl" prices!  
Noosh's degree in printmaking is put to awesome use in his creations.  Noosh (aka Chris) will create a wonderfully humorous
t-shirt for you while you wait. Watch him as he takes one of his amusing woodcarvings, covers it with ink and creates a unique, wearable piece of art. 


Hillbilly Studios

Brixtix Bakery
for Dogs
Ravynnewood Studios
Ravynnewood Creations beautiful creations are inspired by gothic and pagan influences. They make jewelry, custom resin pendents, custom wearable art, and cigar boxes. ​Want something custom? They can assist you with that as well!

At Hillbilly Studios art and craft are brought together. They are incubators of many different themes and genres, creating everything from original abstract paintings to live wood sculptures and furniture, welded horseshoe wine racks and yard art, as well as, glass and beaded jewelry. They love doing custom work.

Top of the line dog treats! 
The best bakery for your beloved dog. Cookies and cakes they'll drool over, and you might too!

Luvin' My
Lit Up Illuminations
  Luvin' My Soaps has a deep passion not just for soaps, but to educate and inform. They encourage all they encounter about the goodness of positive energy and the awesome powers of essential oils.

Lit Up Illuminations was founded in 2014 by two beer lovers with a candle making problem on a mission to promote sustainability.
Their candles are made from natural soy wax and hemp wicks.